Green Park Academy-FAME

Faculty Members

  • Teachers of High calibre.
  • Approach with clinical precision..
  • Mercurial Elucidation of concepts.
  • Subject Experts from renowned Coaching Centres from coaching hubs like Kota, Hyderabad, Thrissur, etc.,


  • Spacious, air-conditioned class rooms to accommodate at least 100 students, equipped with Audio - Visual Kit.
  • Digital library with online facility.
  • Help desk to enter to every need of the students.


  • Lecturing Class - By Expert Trainers
  • Reading - Digital Library (Reading & Reference section)
  • Demonstration - Smart Class sessions
  • Audio Visual Class - Visual Lab sessions
  • Discussion / Group Discussion - Before and after tests and classes
  • Practice - Our comprehensive problem-solving papers, Reasoning skill based papers, practice papers of previous years' NEET Qns. & FAQS.
  • Remedial Teaching - Recalling followed by Re-teaching tough concepts and doubt-clearing session after assessment ensures perfect learning outcome.

Examinations & Tests

  • Slip Tests on Daily basis.
  • Cumulative Tests every week.
  • Unit based Grand Tests.
  • Preview of Practice papers.
  • Tests written on OMR Answer sheets.
  • Computerized Evaluation.

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